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Aim Hire: A Degree Above

During May’s AFCS Aim Hire webinar, in addition to meeting some fascinating young professionals with some of the coolest internships on and off the planet, we learned why AFCS internships are in a class by themselves for both the opportunities and experiences they provide college students and recent graduates through hands-on, real-world training, tuition for an advanced degree and a full-time professional career upon successful completion of the program.

“Aim Hire: A Degree Above” was hosted by Interim Intern Program Manager and alumna of the first-ever PCIP program, now in her third year of the PALACE Acquire Internship Program (PAQ), Brenna Cyr. Brenna was joined by special guests:

  • Jessica Hernandez, Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager through PALACE Acquire (PAQ) Program with AFCS’ Air Force Renewal team.
  • Alec J. Buchanan, PALACE Acquire Intern with the United States Space Force, 527th Space Aggressor Squadron, Adversary Cyber, Comms and Info, Strategic Air Command, Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado.
  • Michaela C. Mesiti, former Silver Wings National President, former PCIP Molecular Biology intern and current PALACE Acquire Intern, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

While the entire webinar is binge-worthy and filled with invaluable insider tips on how to land an internship with AFCS, if you watch just one thing, be sure to check out the clip between 9:39 and 11:00 for an overview of the various AFCS and government-related internships available to you.

Each of the panelists do a fantastic job describing the kind of real-world responsibility you’re given as an AFCS intern. Jessica describes her roles and responsibilities as a PAQ intern and Diversity and Inclusion Manager for the AFCS Force Renewal Team at 13:05. At 15:40, Alec describes the important role he plays as a PAQ intern for the United States Space Force’s 527th Space Aggressor Squadron. Michaela details her role as a PCIP molecular biology intern for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at 23:08 and the genetic engineering research and important COVID surveillance she conducted.

Finally, you’ll definitely want to see the Q&A session beginning at 24:07, where the panel provides answers to audience’s questions covering everything from the importance of a security clearance to application deadlines to be eligible for this summer’s class. Chances are, if you’ve got a question, the team tackles it here.

An AFCS paid, full-time internship is not only a great introduction to the Air Force and the multiple roles Civilians play in its important mission, but it’s also the perfect launching pad to a long and rewarding career with the world’s most advanced Air Force. To ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity, be sure to subscribe to our automated email job notifications at