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Aim Hire: Making It Count

Aim Hire episode 23 Panelists:

  • Julie Errickson, Office Chief at Air Force Audit Agency, where she directs four audit teams across Buckley Space Force Base, Peterson Space Force Base, and Kirtland Air Force Base.
  • Tracey Janssen, Program Manager, Air Force Audit Agency, Personnel, Training, and Healthcare Division; Operations and Support Audit Directorate, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas.
  • Dr. Omotayo (Tayo) Olubiyi, Team Chief Peterson Area Audit Office (PTAAO), Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.
  • Beth Smith, Audit Career Field Administrator working for both the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) and the Air Force Audit Agency (AFAA), Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas.

One of the surest ways to ensure precision and accuracy is maintained in the battlespace is to ensure it’s maintained in every other realm as well: that rules and procedures are followed, standards are kept, and protocols applied.

To see how it’s done, you’ll want to join host Bob Hall for this episode of Aim Hire as he explores the Air Force Audit Agency and the independent auditors whose job it is to ensure the Air Force programs and operations stay on target and meet essential standards.

You’ll see firsthand how AFCS auditors ensure Air Force mission readiness by providing independent evaluations of everything the Air Force does, identifying cost-saving opportunities, enhancing safety and efficiency, safeguarding financial accountability, and mitigating fraud, waste, and abuse. What’s more, you’ll learn what it’s like to be in a civilian auditor’s shoes and steps you can take to follow in their footsteps.

While missing a single minute of this informative program would be hard to reconcile, if you did want to jump ahead to a particular topic, here are a few points of interest:

(7:51) Julie explains the role of the independent auditor and why, if you thought it was just accounting, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised to learn it’s so much more than that.

(9:33) Tracey describes what a day-in-the-life for her looks like and offers some valuable insight into what differentiates an “enterprise-wide” audit from a base-specific audit.

(12:25) Tayo Provides a glimpse into what it is like working with auditors in the field as a team chief.

(14:35) Beth shares how her role in helping locate and cultivate the next generation of auditors deviates from the other guests.

(16:35) Beth and Julie field a question from the audience regarding which installations AFCS auditors are located.

(19:24) The panel describes the traits and attributes that make someone an ideal independent auditor candidate.

(24:13) Bob reminds the audience how important it is to include your “soft skills,” like communication prowess, on your resume. Many candidates leave out this key differentiator that could tilt the scales in your favor during the hiring process.

(31:50) Julie explains why teleworking is not an option for inexperienced employees new to Air Force auditing procedures so they can be mentored and gain valuable hands-on, face-to-face training.

(33:30) The panelists describe their most rewarding and memorable experiences as AFCS independent auditors.

(49:48) The guests contrast their experiences as civilian employees of the Air Force with their peers in the private sector.

(55:52) A member of the audience was curious if there’s an age limit to becoming an independent auditor.