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Congratulations to the Air Force Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) Award Winners!

By Kathleen Murray, AFPC Talent Acquisition Team

Every February, BEYA STEM Global Competitive Conference (Black Engineers of the Year Awards) celebrates achievements in Engineering in both the private and public sector. Each year, BEYA judges select nominees from a talented pool of promising college students, new hires, mid-career professionals and managers, C-suite executives, innovators, inventors, and change agents.

The awardees cross the boundaries of military and civilian efforts in support of the U.S. Air Force mission and illustrate the scope of our work. The Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) is proud of our winners and the teams who support them. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge their achievements. They illustrate the many ways in which civilian and military personnel work together, standing shoulder to shoulder, ensuring the U.S. Air Force stays on the leading edge and remains the greatest Air Force in the world.

Career Achievement in Government Award:

Lieutenant Colonel Walter R. Price, USAF, Retired
Scramjet Propulsion Technical Area Lead
Air Force Research Laboratory

Modern Day Tech Leaders:

Theron Brower
Program Manager, Identification at Range Integrated Sensor (IRIS)
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Ainoghena Igetei
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Marvis Randy Joseph
Readiness and Emergency Management Flight Commander
United States Air Force

Gerve’ Tillman
Weather System Follow-on Systems Engineer
United States Air Force

Science Spectrum Trailblazers:

Cecily Agu
Delta IV Propulsion Engineer
United States Air Force

Xavier Harris
Chemistry Instructor
United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School

Congratulations to all the Air Force award winners! We are proud of you and grateful for your commitment to making the U. S. Air Force the most capable, technologically advanced, and diverse team possible.

If you would like more information about the innovations and opportunities available, learn more at and come visit our booth at this year’s BEYA conference. #BEYA2019, #STEM, #Technology #Innovation #Science @BlackEngineer, @AFResearchLab @usairforce