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The Constitution is the bedrock of our nation.
Help us defend it.

Patriotism comes in many forms. There are those who don uniforms and defend the nation’s interests at home and abroad. And then there are those who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to upholding the laws that serve as the guardrails of our democracy.

From attorneys and court reporters to paralegals, legal assistants, and law clerks, civilian legal professionals play an essential role in supporting the uniformed Judge Advocate Generals (JAGs), civilian and active duty senior leaders, and other military legal officers of the Department of the Air Force. We are the guardians of the legal framework that guides the conduct of our armed forces, ensuring that they operate within the bounds of morality, ethics, and international law, not only safeguarding the rights of our military personnel but also the values the nation is founded upon.

Many fields. One mission.

Few careers are as mission-driven and as professionally and personally rewarding as being a civilian legal professional in the Department of the Air Force. We support virtually every Air Force and Space Force mission, from space launches to humanitarian relief. Air Force legal professionals are involved in every facet of law, including contracts and intellectual property, labor, environmental and real property, tort and other civil litigation, air, space, and cyber law, international and administrative law, and government ethics.

We defend and litigate on behalf of the Department of the Air Force and provide legal aid to eligible service members, family members, and retirees. And, unlike the private sector, it’s the importance of the mission that drives us, not the number of billable hours.

Critical importance. Essential service. Exceptional opportunity.

Government Contracts & Intellectual Property – We advise on contracts that support high-tech missions, from satellite launches to major aircraft system upgrades. Every year, our attorneys defend against hundreds of bid protests, contract and intellectual property disputes, and contract-related litigation worldwide. Additionally, we tackle fraud by partnering with investigators on acquisition fraud cases.

Employment & Labor – To support a substantial civilian workforce, our attorneys advise on employment and labor law matters and represent the agency in litigation before federal forums.

Environmental, Energy & Real Property – Attorneys advise Department of the Air Force officials on environmental compliance and serve as the face of the agency before government-regulatory agencies. We also provide in-house legal support on property law issues, from land use near military airports to zoning ordinances.

Civil Law & Litigation – We advise on a wide range of matters, from medical law to information law. We also partner with the Department of Justice to defend the government against tort claims and other litigation in federal forums. Finally, we provide legal aid to servicemembers, their families, and retirees who request assistance with wills and estate, family, consumer, landlord-tenant, tax, immigration, and special education law matters.

Air, Space & Cyber Law – We help Air Force and Space Force commanders navigate through complicated domestic and international laws that regulate aerospace and cyber activities. We also lead accident investigation boards in response to major mishaps.

International Law - We advise commanders on international law as they respond to natural disasters and contingencies around the globe. We engage with joint and coalition allies and partners to find legal solutions to pressing operational and international law challenges.

Administrative Law & Ethics – As government ethics counselors, we guard against conflicts of interest and other activities that erode the public’s trust. We also deliver legal opinions on laws, regulations, and policies on diverse matters that relate to the administration and function of the Department of the Air Force.

Criminal Law – Civilian court reporters and victim support personnel are critical to preserving good order and discipline. Court reporters travel all over the world transcribing trials and administrative board hearings to ensure members receive fair hearings wherever they are stationed.

Military spouses have a unique role
to play within the JAG Corps.

The Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps has instituted a program for attorneys who are married to active-duty personnel. These individuals would receive priority placement in positions if they are married to a military sponsor with more than six months remaining at that location and live within the local commuting area. To learn more about this unique opportunity, contact the Legal Career Field Team at


Regardless of assignment location, attorneys must be a graduate of a law school approved by the American Bar Association and an active (or equivalent) member, in good standing, of the bar of the highest court of a state, U.S. commonwealth, U.S. territory, or District of Columbia. Applicants must also meet professional legal experience/education requirements for specific grades and positions.

Most paralegal, court reporter, and legal assistant positions do not require a specific degree or certification, but applicants must meet experience and education requirements for the specific grade and position.

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The perfect balance of work, life, passion, and purpose.

The rewards of working as a civilian for the Department of the Air Force go far beyond the goosebumps that come with knowing you’re benefiting the lives of America’s Airmen and Guardians while contributing to national security. The benefits themselves are impressive, with generous health and retirement packages that would be hard to come by in the private sector:

Paid time off: 11 federal holidays, 13 days of annual sick leave, & 13 to 26 days earned annual leave

Insurance for you and your family: Health, dental, vision, life, & long-term care

Federal employment retirement system in addition to Social Security

Work schedules built to accommodate work-life balance

We’re AFCS. Going above and beyond is what we do best.

There’s not a force on the planet that can compete with the U.S. Air Force in air, space, or cyberspace. One reason for its superiority is the dedication and professionalism of people like you who comprise the 170,000-strong Air Force Civilian Service. Whether it’s caring for the health and well-being of airmen and their families, maintaining the equipment and infrastructure that allows the Air Force to be ready at a moment’s notice, or upholding the laws that serve as the guardrails of our nation, behind every Airman, every achievement, every milestone—there’s someone like you. Forces. Joined.

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Equal Opportunity Employer. U.S. citizenship is required. Must be of legal working age. Some positions may require a security clearance.

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