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Perfect for the nuclear arsenal. Great for a career.

Working in the highly specialized environment like AFNWC would be a remarkable achievement. Given the unique and vital nature of the work is certain to instill pride. We know it will be satisfying and rewarding.

Every day we are on the front lines of a genuinely unique conflict by acquiring and sustaining effective nuclear weapons. And we’re doing this in such a way that every dollar entrusted to our care is wisely used in the most cost effective way possible.

What’s unique about working at AFNWC is knowing that your contributions are critical to the U.S. Air Force’s national security efforts. And your work is making history.

As long as nuclear weapons exist, there is no more important mission or worthier challenge than working with the world’s most powerful weapons and ensuring the safety of billions.

We are guardians of a special trust, ensuring the vitality of the U.S. nuclear deterrent. We are highly trained professionals, accountable and passionate about our mission. We adhere to the highest standards of performance and execute our mission the right way every time.

To meet the evolving demands of 21st century military deterrence and assurance requirements, we will need courageous individuals who share our values to help achieve our mission.

AFNWC is part of the Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS). That’s the indispensable force that provide the brain power and manpower that keep the Air Force ready for action.

At 170,000 strong we at AFCS are a force to be reckoned with. We fill positions in over 600 different occupations. Dedicated and confident, we work shoulder to shoulder with Airmen around the country and around the world, committed to the vital Air Force mission in air, space, and cyberspace.

Together we are... Forces. Joined.

Professional Growth

To help you on your way to a long and varied career, AFNWC offers extensive educational opportunities including on-site training, the chance to attend educational events and programs, and even tuition reimbursement and funding for advanced degrees. To help in planning your career, you will have access to extensive career path planning tools and guidance.

As you grow with AFNWC, your career can take you places you never imagined with abundant opportunities to expand your skills and put them to work keeping the Air Force successful.

Riches in Diversity

Because our mission of conducting and supporting flight research relies on creative thinking and problem solving, we invest in the value and strength that comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, from diverse perspectives and points of view, and abilities as diverse as the nation we serve.

We rely on inspired thinking and cultivate a team from multicultural backgrounds, varied education, and life experiences — including those with disabilities — to fuel the innovation essential to the Air Force mission.

AFNWC understands and supports attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce which appreciates and understands other societies, cultures, and languages. Diversity is a powerful tool on the road to success.

We also embrace equal employment opportunity in all facets of our work environment regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, and/or sexual orientation.

You are smart,
talented & ambitious

Perfect for our team

Our greatest asset is a workforce made up of the most qualified and dedicated professionals who work in all areas of the test mission: from logistics to contracting and from engineering to the sciences.

Sure, what we do is vital to the Air Force mission, but it’s also very exciting and challenging. That makes AFNWC is a great place to start a career or to invest your professional experience in something far more important than the bottom line.

Experience Matters

Engineers, contract managers, financial specialists, IT professionals, and more—we are always on the lookout for smart and ambitious pros who can step in and make a contribution on day one conducting tests to push aircraft, rockets, missiles, and weapons systems to do things that may never have been done before.


Each year, AFNWC contracting professionals spend nearly $70 billion to ensure our men and women in uniform have what they need, when they need it. They ensure that our contracts are capable of withstanding the scrutiny of the federal courts, the General Accountability Office (GAO), the United States Congress and the American public.


Engineers are in abundance at AFNWC along with others in the STEM disciplines focusing on nuclear weapons systems, counter-chemical, electrical, mechanical, computer, aerospace, and high-yield explosive activities.

These positions require creative problem-solving skills on critical, real-life projects that define the cutting edge of flight test technology.

Logistics Management

AFNWC logisticians are responsible for providing guidance and support in logistics management, inventory management, and industrial management. They also oversee key programs, including Nuclear Weapons Related Material, Nuclear Support Equipment, Nuclear System Deactivations, Demilitarization and the Nuclear Sustainment and Integration Center.

Financial Management

Our financial managers are responsible for the planning, programming, budgeting and execution of the AFNWC funding portfolio. They develop techniques and establish internal controls to manage financial services and analysis operations of AFNWC. Financial managers also review the adequacy of internal controls and quality of services, as well as performing cost estimates and economic analysis, overseeing funds distribution and establishing performance standards to evaluate cost and efficiency.

Intelligence & Requirements

Intelligence and Requirements is responsible for all AFNWC special programs and early phase activities, including performing studies and analyses, and technology development and maturation efforts supporting the delivery of new weapons and weapon systems across all available nuclear and counter-chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear technologies. The team also defines acquisition strategy requirements and performs intelligence assessments to support the nation’s nuclear deterrence and counter–WMD missions.

Program Management

Program Management duties touch every aspect of AFNWC work, including technology development and integrated engineering, program control, test and deployment, configuration management, production and manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics support.

Program managers play a key role in determining organizational structure, personnel, training needs and security requirements, as well as ensuring that acquisition programs are meeting cost, schedule and performance objectives.


Ready to change the world?

Find A Job

There are numerous AFCS jobs available across the country and around the world. Zoom in or out to see more or less detail. Click on any marker to see current job openings.

All AFCS job opportunities are also listed on the Federal Government’s official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information, USAJOBS. Access AFCS Acquisition job opportunities at

Follow the steps below to determine if you are qualified and eligible, and apply for a position with AFCS.

  • Step One – Find the Right Job for You
  • Step Two – Read the Job Announcement
  • Step Three – Apply for the Job

Qualification vs Eligibility

Like any employer, AFCS expects you to be “qualified” when you apply for a position, but unlike some employers, you must also be “eligible.” What’s the difference? It’s actually pretty simple.

“Qualification” is based on education and/or experience. As with any other employer, you will need to have certain educational and/or work experience in order to be qualified for a given position. For example, if you want a job as a doctor, you need to have completed medical school and fulfilled the related requirements. The kinds of background needed are always clearly detailed in the Job Opportunity Announcement listed at Be sure you meet those expectations before you decide to apply.

However, even if you are completely “qualified” for a job, you may not actually be “eligible.” In the Federal jobs environment, “eligibility” refers to Federal regulatory requirements that determine who can apply for specific jobs.

Each AFCS Job Opportunity Announcement will carefully spell out who is eligible to apply in the “Who May Apply” section. Further details on who may apply can be found in the “Other Information” and “How to Apply” sections. It is very important to review these requirements carefully. If you do not meet the requirements listed, you may not apply for the job.

For additional information on this subject please review the "Air Force Civilian Employment Eligibility Guide."

Step 1: Find the Right Job for You

AFCS jobs are categorized as entry, mid, and senior levels, and are associated with different qualifications and pay grade levels. And, there are special categories of job opportunities, including jobs for students and recent graduates, veterans, military spouses, and individuals with disabilities.

This site provides several ways to help you find the right AFCS job. Use one of our helpful search tools:

  • Our Jobs Discovery App will line up your education, skills, and experience with positions that need people with your background. You might be surprised at the variety of options you discover.
  • Our Jobs Map lets you find positions that are available at every base and installation in the United States and around the world. 
  • Use text searches for AFCS job announcements on

Step 2: Read the Job Announcement

Each AFCS position (Job Opportunity Announcement) will provide detailed information about job qualifications, duties, salary, location, benefits, and security requirements. These will help you determine if your interests, education, and professional background make you a candidate who qualifies for the job.

Step 3: Apply for the Job

Follow the instructions in the “How to Apply” section of each Job Opportunity Announcement. Instructions will guide you through the application process, providing you detailed information on the questions that must be addressed, and forms and format that must be used to present your resume and qualifications for the job. Help can be found at

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