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Welcome to the Premier College Intern Program

This program serves to handpick the next generation of Air Force Leaders and Innovators. Your internship will expose you to the unique missions that only the Air Force is able to execute. We can't wait for you to get started!

"So in our business of national security, where our job is to fly, fight and win... our job is to prepare for the unexpected. Our job is to win... no matter what. We better be masters at this game of innovation."
Lt. Gen. Steve Kwast
Commander of Air Education and Training Command

If you have any questions, reach out to your Career Field Team POC! If you are unable to connect, email the PCIP Team at

Click here to learn more about Air Force Civilian Service.

group meeting in an atrium
two women at lunch

group of four women
two guys at the dessert table

group give the thumbs up
group discussion at a round table

tour of the interior of a C-130 air transport plane
helicopter taking off

two interns at controls of a grounded helicopter
inspecting the landing gear of an Air Force transport plane